Dog Walking FAQ

Q: How often can I schedule my dog visits?

A: We offer daily walking and pet sitting/daycare services, as well as simply watching your dog for emergencies or if you may be out of the house for a night out. We offer three different packages and/or cater to your specific times throughout the day. We recommend keeping your dog on a daily routine, so 3-5 times a week should be a minimum requirement for getting your dog out of the house.


Q: At what park locations will you be taking my dog?

A: Depending on your location, we will take your dog to the nearest park possible or to any park your pet is currently familiar with.  If you have no specific park in my mind, you can see our Park Locations page where several pet friendly parks have been listed.


Q: Are you bonded or insured?

A: We are currently in the process of getting insured to house your pet. Please be patient while this is still a work in progress.


Q: How will my dog be entertained during a pet sitting?

A: Making sure your dog receives enough attention and exercise is our number one priority! Depending on the time frame allowed, 15 minute play time or games are incorporated with down time as needed. If your pet wants to play during their time with us we are more than accommodating to fulfill their needs.


Q: What activities will my dog be doing during park playtime?

A: When at the park, allowing your dog to run free is a necessity for their physical and mental health. While closely monitored this can include fetch with balls provided by us or their favorite toy. Playing chase is usually the favorite, which keeps us and your pet in great physical condition.


Q: Will you pet sit my dog at my home?

A: During emergencies only will we be able to watch your dog while in your home. Otherwise, we encourage you to schedule a pet vacation time with us where your pet can remain in our home under 24/7 supervision. In certain circumstances we may be accommodating to this request.


Q: Will you provide feeding time?

A: Absolutely! Adhering to your canine’s regime is our goal. If this includes feeding time, we will gladly feed fido their meals as well as their favorite treats! Water is always provided for every service we offer.