Where To Hide Halloween Candy From Your Dog

The best part of Halloween is rummaging through the bags full of candy your kids will be bringing into the home. You have made sure the candy is safe and wrapped and they haven’t taken any into their bedroom for midnight snacks. There is just one more task every family should take extra precaution to; keeping the candy away from your dog. Below are three places to make sure Fido doesn’t over-indulge in your kids’ sweets, because trust me he’s on the hunt for chocolate and that can be deadly. Check out these storage ideas!

1. Plastic Containers & Ziploc Bags



Sorting all your candy into baggies and containers preserves freshness of the candy and it makes it more difficult for your dog to sniff out. Be sure to not leave them on the counters if you have a dog large enough to carry it away!

2. Top Shelf Of The Pantry

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Organizing your treats at the top of the pantry will be far enough out of reach from your dog as well as the kids! Pantries with doors will also protect your dog from sniffing around the Halloween treats.

3. Glass Jars



Storing your candy in glass candy jars, make it impossible for any dog to be able to sniff out or haul away because of the weight! For extra precaution store it away in the cabinets on the top shelf.

Remember that large amounts of cocoa can be poisonous to your pooch! Be sure all wrappers are thrown away and that all candy, especially chocolate is properly stored away when you are away from home. Lastly, be sure to explain to your children the risks of feeding their family mascot human treats!