Dog Training Tools – The Pet Corrector


The Pet Corrector Training Tool

The Pet Corrector is a product established in the U.K. to help train pets, specifically dogs, from their most annoying habits like barking, jumping, stealing food, digging through trash, etc. It is currently sold in most major pet stores including Pet-Co and PetSmart for an efficient cost of $15.00. The Aerosol can emits an air type gas that creates a hissing sound to the ear of a dog. The hissing sound is used to act as a “scare-tactic” for dogs as it imitates a predator type attack. Emitting the sound in the middle of your dogs bad behavior, like when the service-man comes to your door, will likely cause your pup to calm down instantly and furthermore, stop the barking altogether! Be sure to read the in-depth  instructions that come with The Pet Corrector, for now here are some quick tips!


1.Focus On One Behavior At A Time

Do not try to use the pet corrector every time your dog does something wrong. Start with barking only, when she barks at the door, the tv, strangers, etc.


 2. Be Punctual

It is imperative to keep the Pet Corrector by your side at all times when going through this training process. Catching the dog in the act is best. If you happen to miss a chance to correct him/her use your “No” words and hand signals instead.


 3. Reward Immediately

Reward your pet for acknowledging the dog training tool immediately. The more persistent you are with the rewarding, the quicker your baby will learn! We suggest these “Train-Me” treats from Pet-Co that come in Liver, Beef, Bacon and Chicken Flavors.

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4. Corrector + Commands

Once your dog starts understanding the point of the tool, incorporate your commands in conjunction with the corrector. This will allow you to eventually ween your dog off the Pet Corrector by following the commands only  and ultimately not needing any command when they feel like barking at the inappropriate times!